Recap of 2017

What a year it has been! The last half of 2017 seriously went by so fast - I can't believe that we only have two more days left of it! I had a pretty amazing and eventful year so let's do a quick recap:


Our Building Journey | Colour & Electrical Appointment

What a month is has been! We had our colour appointment and the electrical appointment at the start of December. I am so glad that we got this over and done with because we can now relax and not stress about it. The electrical appointment was really hard for me because I went in by myself and felt completely overwhelmed. I added everything and then removed most of the things after our appointment after talking to Angelo about it all.

For our colour appointment, I think we did pretty good and staying in category 1. The only things that we've upgraded to category 2 were our bricks, Caesarstone, tiles and carpet (that's pretty much the whole house). I'm very happy with our colour choices and cannot wait to see it come to life!


A weekend away to Grampians

A few months ago, we decided to plan a trip to Grampians. Long story short - this time last year when my sister and I went to Grampians with our boyfriends, I fell sick on the trip. I had a chest infection and had to call an ambulance into our tent at 12AM. To make up for what happened, we decided to go again. We decided this time that we would invite our family and friends, because I miss road trips and going with a big group.
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