Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Range

After reading Cassandramyee's recent skincare product launch post about the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Range, I had to get my hands on some of the products. What really intrigued me was that she said the Hydrating Facial Mask was similar to the Origin's Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask — which I swear by! After a few trips to Priceline and Chemist Warehouse, I ended up picking up three products from their range.

Hydrating Facial Mask 

This mask contains coconut oil, monoi oil and coconut water to help hydrate, restore and nourish the skin for that healthy glow. This mask has a really thick consistency, that comes out of the bottle when you twist the cap open so it is really easy to control how much product you want to squeeze out. I like using this mask as a night time moisturiser because it makes my skin feel plump and soft in the morning. Since it is Winter here in Australia, I like having that extra moisture on my face. What I like about this mask is that it gets absorbed into my skin very quickly without any residue.

Facial Moisturizer

This moisturiser is more like a thin lotion that feels very hydrating once applied onto the skin. After using this moisturiser for the first time, the next day I woke up and instantly thought "WOW!" I have always suffered from eczema and my upper lip is always looking dry and cracked. I kid you not but I woke up the next day and my upper lip looked so smooth—nothing I did ever get rid of it until I tried this moisturiser. My face was glowing and my skin was so soft. The only downside is that this bottle is so tiny!

Body Lotion

My body is very sensitive to body lotions because most of them irritate my skin and don't absorb quick enough. However, the Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion does not irritate my skin and absorbs quickly once applied. It does have a strong fragrance like their Cocoa range but I don't mind it. This body lotion would be perfect for this Winter to keep your skin hydrated.

I really enjoy the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula range. The products mentioned will definitely be a staple in my skin care routine. They have other products such as the facial scrub and the cleansing balm that I want to try next.

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