TV Shows I'm watching this April

I love watching TV shows on my days off or in my spare time. Currently all my favourite TV shows have either finished or on break, so I am trying to find something good to watch. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments down below.

The Client List

Netflix just added this onto their website but there are two versions of it, which I didn't know. I watched the TV series awhile back and really enjoyed it. Since they have added this on Netflix, I decided to watch it again. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt looks amazing in this show. She works as massage therapist who is trying to support her family after her husband left her. They also have the movie series of this show as well, but I didn't like it so I would recommend you to skip it. Sadly this show was cancelled after two seasons.

The Walking Dead

I know that I am so late on the bandwagon with this show. I have heard so many people on social medias talk about the Walking Dead but I had no interest in it. This is a new TV show that my boyfriend and I are currently watching together, and let me just say that I wish I watched this earlier! It is so good! I'm hooked onto it. We have been binge watching it the past few days and I'm almost done with season 2.

Switched at Birth

Season 5 just recently started about two months ago. I can't believe that this show was on break for two years—I almost forgot about it! The show is about two girls who were switched at birth (duh), one of the girl is deaf, having to lose her hearing at the age of 3 due to contracting meningitis.

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  1. Riverdale! You have to get on it! It's by the same makers of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl!


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