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I have been struggling with my skin for awhile now, with all the breakouts that I was having. But I am finally happy with the way it is now; even my boyfriend thinks that I was wearing makeup when all I had was my bare face. I used to try all sorts of products and that was probably why my skin was acting up so much. I have kept it to a minimal and only use products that work for me. For reference, I have normal to combination skin that is also sensitive.


I forgot to take a photo of it but I always use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water to remove my eye makeup. I love the micellar water, it's a no fuss product that gets the job done. It doesn't irritate my eyes and removes my waterproof mascara with no problem; I'll just have to take more time whenever I wear waterproof mascara.

Afterwards, I would go in with the Palmer's Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm. This was just recently introduced into my skincare routine and I absolutely love it! I get a bit of product between my fingers and apply this to my face, and rub it into my skin in a circular motion to remove my face makeup. This cleansing balm dissolves my makeup whilst still keeping my skin very moisturised. My skin usually doesn't agree with any oil product (rose hip oil irritates my skin and breaks me out) so I was iffy about trying this, but my skin loves this stuff!

After I rinse off the coconut oil cleansing balm, I go in and cleanse my face again with the Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser. I have gone through 3 or 4 bottles of this and I absolutely love it. I was introduced to this product by the girls at the Australian Skin Clinic when I had microdermabrasion done. A lot of cleansers are too harsh for my skin but not with this one. It is so gentle on my skin and it removes excess dirt on my skin.


Finding a good moisturiser that keeps my skin hydrated without irritating my skin is a mission, let me tell you! I have tried so many moisturisers from drugstore to high end and most of them don't work for me. I have been enjoying Skinstitut Moisture Defence moisturiser for normal skin. The texture is like a lotion but it keeps my skin very hydrated and absorbs into my skin very quickly.

To add extra hydration to my skin, especially when we are going into Winter here in Australia, I add a few drops of the Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Booster before moisturising. I have just finished this product and won't be repurchasing because I am going to try out a similar product that I just received in the mail today (be on a lookout for a future review).


I don't like to exfoliate my skin often because it dries out my skin. However, I love using the Origins Retexturizing Rose Clay mask because it removes any dead skin cells on my skin and leaving it feeling like a baby's bottom. This is the only mask that I have tried that isn't harsh but does the job I need it to do. I absolutely love this mask and cannot see myself living without it.

Going into the colder season, the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask is my life saver! For any dry skin gals out there, this is a must have! I always use this as a nighttime moisturiser because of its thick consistency. I wake up in the morning with my skin feeling soft and super hydrated. This is an absolute staple in my skincare routine and I have gone through about 3 bottles of this!

I don't break out as often anymore but when I did, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion was my go-to. My boyfriend uses this as well whenever he breaks out and I am always surprised at what this product can do overnight. The breakouts are a lot smaller overnight, it's incredible!

Most of the products that I have mentioned, you will see a lot because I go through them like crazy. I have repurchased most of these products countless of times. These products are what works for me and may not work for everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading this really long post! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I didn't know that Palmer's did a cleansing balm! They've been so popular lately (Banila co. and The Body Shop's camomile one being the ones I've heard of the most) but I haven't tried them yet as I'm happy with my cleansing oils. I've heard so much about the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight and I have a small sample but am yet to try it :)



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