TV Shows I'm watching this May

I hope everyone had a great month in April! I had a busy yet exciting month. I spent my first Greek Easter with my boyfriend and his family down at Safety Beach. There was a lot of food and the weather was so amazing, I had such a great time. It was my first time meeting his extended family and there were all so lovely, and so welcoming!

I also got a new phone! I upgraded my Samsung S6 to the new S8. My sister and her boyfriend, and my boyfriend all got the same phone in the same colour at the same time. I think it's pretty funny! I really love the S8 and I am so glad that I stuck with Samsung!

So I stopped watching The Walking Dead because I got over it. It is good, don't get me wrong—but it's too repetitive for me. Maybe I'll continue watching it next time. I am pretty sure Switched at Birth is over. The last episode I watched was them saying goodbye which was really sad! I am glad that they had their year break, and came back to finish the show. Now it's time for me to find some new shows to watch!

How To Get Away With Murder

I used to watch this awhile ago and fell off the bandwagon. It was really hard for me to understand what was going on, but now that I am rewatching the first season again; I'm understanding it! I think I stopped at season 2 so I can't wait to see what happens in the other seasons!

13 Reasons Why

Everyone is talking about this show! Everyone on my social media is talking about this show. I am already half way through it and I think it's an okay show. I was watching this with my boyfriend and in one of the episode, I told him "That's why she committed suicide!" and he replied to me saying "There are 13 reasons yeah..." Whooooops.

Masterchef Australia

OH MY GOD. IT IS BACK. Masterchef is probably my favourite cooking show ever. I love live-tweeting them—they are always so responsive and interactive! Not even joking but the first episode made me cry - twice! I always get so emotionally attached to Masterchef. I think my favourite contestant so far are Michelle and Callen, but it is way too early to tell yet.

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