Our Building Journey | We bought a land!

Hello, everyone. It has been awhile since I last posted something. Life got busy. I was supposed to write a blog post about my trip to Bali but I never got around to it. Since coming back from Bali, I started working full time. It took awhile to get used to since I was on night shifts and I have not done a night shift in about four months.

What else is new? We purchased a land! I don't know how we even made this decision. I remember just browsing through all the new estate and registered my details because I was planning to buy in the next year. Somewhere along the way, we got in contact with one of the consultants and the rest was history. We waited for the online registry day, got a ticket number and went to their office and picked our land! The whole experience was exciting as this was our first time trying and we got what we wanted!

We spent our days off looking at display homes and seeing which builder to go with. It took us awhile to decide because I was doing a lot of research but we have finally made a decision. I am so excited to start this journey and share it with you guys.

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