A weekend away to Grampians

A few months ago, we decided to plan a trip to Grampians. Long story short - this time last year when my sister and I went to Grampians with our boyfriends, I fell sick on the trip. I had a chest infection and had to call an ambulance into our tent at 12AM. To make up for what happened, we decided to go again. We decided this time that we would invite our family and friends, because I miss road trips and going with a big group.

If you guys ever decide to go Grampians, I highly recommend staying at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. They literally have accommodation for everyone - if you decide to go as a couple, or in a small/big group. We booked the house because there was 10 of us. They also have kangaroos and deers on site which you can go up to them and feed them food. I saw a little joey with it's Mum, so cute!

We booked this trip months in advance but of course the weather was shit on the days that we booked it on! Nonetheless, we escaped the Melbourne shitty storm. It didn't rain that much in Grampians for us so we got to do some hiking! Good thing the weather was not that hot because we were all sweating by the end of the hike!

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